Mic2Wav File Conversion Utility

Mic2Wav logoMic2Wav is a macOS and Windows software application for converting .MIC files generated in the A10-TX to audio WAV files.

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Mic2Wav offers:

  • Support for .MIC files recorded in the A10-TX transmitter
  • Outputs 24-bit, 48 kHz monophonic WAV files
  • Timecode metadata support (BWAV)
  • Batch conversion or individual file conversion
  • macOS (10.11+, 64-bit) and Windows (7+, 64-bit) versions available
  • A10-RX firmware update utility (Windows only)
Download - v1.01
Click a link to download Mic2Wav installers for Mac or Windows:
Change List - v1.01
  • Ability to sort .MIC files by column header.
  • Ability to import .MIC files by adding or drag 'n' dropping an SD card or directory to the Source list
  • Creation date/time stamp of a .MIC file is now rippled through to the converted .wav file.
  • Invalid characters in filenames are no longer permitted.
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