This section contains information and user guides on our discontinued products. To view the pdfs immediately, click on the icon. To save them, right-click (alt-click for Apple) and choose the option to save to your computer or mobile device. If you require information for a product you do not see here, please contact us.

RMS2040 Product Brochures

HX2040 Product Brochure icon miniTX product brochure icon TX2040 product brochure icon DX2040 product brochure icon RK2040 product brochure pdf RK3 portable rack system product brochure icon
HX2040 miniTX TX2040 DX2040 RK2040 RK3
RK6 product brochure icon SwitchiR product brochure icon Control-X product brochure icon PTX2040 product brochure icon        
RK6 SwitchiR Control-X PTX2040    

RMS2040 User Guides

HX2040 user guide icon miniTX user guide icon TX2040 user guide pdf DX2040 user guide pdf SwitchiR user guide icon Control-X user guide icon
HX2040 miniTX TX2040 DX2040 SwitchiR Control-X

En2 Product Brochures

En2 DX2 receiver brochure En2 TX transmitter brochure pdf En2 MX receiver brochure pdf    
En2 DX2 En2 TX En2 MX

Envoy Product Brochures

Audio ENG CXiR tech spec download CXiR user guide pdf Audio ENG TXiR tech spec download TXiR user guide icon
CXiR tech specs CXiR user guide TXiR tech specs TXiR user guide