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Transmitter control made easy with the 1010 TxApp

The 1010 TxApp is a downloadable app for Audio’s 1010 digital wireless microphone system. It has been designed to give sound recordists using the 1010 system greater flexibility both on location and in the studio by allowing them to control various settings on the TX1010 transmitter remotely via a Bluetooth connection.

In its current form, the simple interface controls the following parameters:

  • Allows the user to place TX1010 transmitters into standby and wake the unit back up without the need to physically touch the artist or presenter
  • Allows the user to assign a unique name to each transmitter. This name is also transmitted to the DX1010 receiver via the metadata in the digital modulation signal. The app can display a number of transmitters on screen
  • Adjusts the microphone gain remotely
  • Allows selection of the LF cut function

Download the app here.
(A separate window will open and you’ll be taken to the app’s official Apple iTunes preview page).

For more information on the 1010 TxApp, e-mail