Full digital signal processing. Full Audio sound. 
Full of creative possibilities.

The 1010 sets a new standard in professional digital wireless microphone systems. It’s designed to deliver the rich sound and rugged reliability that Audio is known for using the precision that digital technology offers. And now there are two receivers available – the new DDX1010 dual MRC true diversity receiver as well as the existing single channel DX1010 diversity receiver.



In a world of increasingly squeezed bandwidth, precision modulation and smart scanning.

The big advantage that the true digital 1010 system has over analogue and hi-bred digital-analogue systems is its ability to squeeze more into the same bandwidth. Up to twenty 1010 systems can be operated together in just one TV channel. That’s because the 1010’s unique proprietary digital modulation scheme allows high channel density without compromising on range. It also means the system is more bandwidth efficient. Inside, there’s 224MHz – more than enough to deliver the flexibility you need, working anywhere in the world.

The 1010 has three scanning modes. You can scan across the full bandwidth for a free channel. You can do a full band scan with the spectrum analyser display. Or select a narrower, selective scan with the spectrum analyser display. All scan modes allow you to set the frequency directly from the scan. And of course, the 1010’s ability to deliver even frequency spacing makes frequency plans totally redundant.


Delay. What delay?

True, full digital systems like the 1010 convert the analogue input signal into a digital signal for transmission in a stream between the transmitter and receiver. That can mean a delay while the signal is processed. The higher the number, the longer the delay. The 1010, however, delivers an unrivalled end-to-end delay of just 2mS. You won’t notice any delay.


Menu driven set up. Monitoring by app.

Both receivers and the transmitter have maximum clarity OLED menu driven select-and-click displays. Three buttons (left scroll, right scroll and set) and contextual menu prompts make setting system parameters very easy.

The OLED’s brightness can be reduced or the screens can be turned off entirely (as can all the LEDs). And there’s a free downloadable app which will control the transmitter‘s main functions and monitor its battery levels from your iPhone or iPad.



Rugged build. Ergonomic design.

The units have black anodised cases machined from solid, high grade aluminium. The rounded corners and recessed buttons on the TX1010 transmitter make it discreet and comfortable to wear.

The DX1010 receivers feature 45 degree sloped OLED displays which can be inverted so that they can be seen when the receiver is sitting vertically (in a bag for example) or lying flat in a sound cart.